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frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to apply?2024-04-21T06:41:44+00:00

To apply to our programs, you should be aged 18 or over, either be a current student or a recent graduate, and be eligible to travel to Dubai for an internship. You must also have a valid passport, and be able to pay your tuition fees in full independently, as we do not offer any scholarships. We work with all nationalities.

Are internships paid?2024-04-21T06:55:03+00:00

No. Internships in Dubai are usually unpaid. This is definitely something that we are working on changing, but the focus should be on gaining experience rather than earning a salary.

Can I earn academic credit?2024-04-21T06:10:56+00:00

Yes. In many cases it is possible for you to earn credit doing your internship. It may depend on your specific university and their guidelines, but we are happy to work with your college to ensure that your program meets their requirements and is eligible.

Can you help me a find a job in Dubai?2024-04-21T06:49:04+00:00

All iiD interns are given access to our alumni group which is a private group where we share job openings from within our host company network, tips for securing work in Dubai, and access to our professional contacts, all of which will make your job search easier.

Can you help me find housing?2024-04-21T06:27:11+00:00

Yes. We work with leading student housing providers and offer housing and shuttle transport options as part of our packages. Housing is available in modern, secure and well-equipped student facilities, where interns have access to private or shared rooms, lounges, study areas, kitchens, swimming pools, gyms, and high-speed internet access. Some of the facilities even have indoor and outdoor cinemas!


How do I get a visa to intern in Dubai?2024-04-21T06:04:02+00:00

Your internship visa is included in the cost of your program, so that is one less thing to worry about.

Our experienced team will apply for and secure your visa enabling you to come to Dubai and intern here legally for the duration of your program.

How long will it take to find out if I have been accepted?2024-04-21T06:45:30+00:00

We aim to deliver application decisions within 3-5 days after your telephone interview with your internship adviser. If further documents are requested to fully assess your application, this timeline may change.

How much does the program cost? Can I apply for free?2024-04-28T19:25:45+00:00

Paid-for program fees are based on the length of your program selected, and whether you have selected options such as housing and airport transfers. Paid-for programs include a guaranteed internship.

You can view full program fee information by clicking here.

Free Internships – It is also possible to submit your resume / CV to us for free, though we cannot guarantee you an internship if you apply this way. Resumes are added to our database, and if an opportunity that matches your profile arises, we will contact you.

I don’t speak Arabic, can I still intern in Dubai?2024-04-21T06:07:06+00:00

No! We work with local and international brands and businesses where English is the main language used. If you do speak Arabic and would like to intern in an Arabic-speaking company, we can also arrange that for you.

I’m no longer a student, can I still apply?2024-04-21T05:53:55+00:00

It is still possible to apply to our programs if you are no longer a student, but are a recent graduate, for example.

Contact us for more information and a direct assessment of your situation.


Why should I do an internship in Dubai?2024-04-21T05:59:21+00:00

There are so many benefits to doing an international internship in Dubai!

Gaining international professional experience, building confidence, taking the opportunity to learn about your chosen career sector, and building great long-lasting relationships are just a few. Internships help you develop skills that can be help you get hired quicker, and earn more once you graduate. Doing an internship in Dubai is also a great way to experience the lifestyle and culture of Dubai, something that will not only enhance your resume, but maybe even tip the balance in deciding to settle and begin your professional career here.

When should I apply?2024-04-21T05:35:26+00:00

We accept applications all year round, however as it takes time to build your program and apply for a visa to come and intern in Dubai, we recommend that you should apply at least 3 months before you wish to begin your internship, to allow enough time for everything to be arranged in good time.

When do I need to pay the fees?2024-04-28T14:28:52+00:00

If you choose one of our our paid-for packages, your program fees will be billed at two separate times during the process.

Your deposit will become due for payment only after your application has been accepted and you have signed your internship agreement. Once that has been done your deposit of £500 / $625 (for programs of 30, 45, and 60 days), or £800 / $1,000 (for programs of 90, 12, and 180 days) should be paid.

The remaining program balance is then invoiced once we receive the first written offer for your program, from one of our host company partners. It takes on average 2-6 weeks to secure an offer, though this timeline may change depending on the time of year you apply, the length of program selected, etc. That said 2-6 weeks is a good guideline to use when planning when tyou should be ready to pay your balance.

What sectors can I intern in?2024-04-21T06:38:20+00:00

We have relationships across the top ten most popular and sought after career sectors. These include Architecture, Business. Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Hospitality, Events and Tourism, I.T & Computer Science,  PR, Marketing & Media, Real Estate and Sports.

Working with leading companies in each sector, we aim to deliver high quality, engaging, unique and experience-building internships to ambitious and motivated students and graduates.

What other costs should I budget for that are not included?2024-04-21T05:31:40+00:00

Flights (to and from Dubai), day to day living costs for things like food, laundry and leisure are not included in the program fees.

Depending on the package you have chosen, housing and daily transport may be included in addition to return airport transfers. Find out more here.

What is the weather like in Dubai?2024-04-21T06:22:08+00:00

Dubai is lucky enough to be located on the Arabian peninsula where it enjoys amazing weather all-year round. During the Winter months, the weather in the evenings can become cooler, but generally, Dubai is recognised as a destination delivering guaranteed sun all-year round, so don’t forget to pack your sunglasses.

What is included in the program fees?2024-04-21T05:27:22+00:00

Every program includes a guaranteed internship in your chosen internship sector for the period that you have selected to be in Dubai for, in addition to an internship visa, that will allow you to travel and stay in Dubai legally. Aside from you will benefit from having your own internship adviser who will work with you to build your program and act as your main point of contact during the pre-departure phase of the program. While you are here in Dubai you will have 24/7 local support, and all interns receive a local sim preloaded with 1GB of data, and access to our online resources, detailing where to go and what to do in Dubai.

Optional extras that you may want to consider when booking your place, include housing (share or private room basis) in modern dorm style campuses, and our daily shuttle buses which take you to and from the city center everyday, and really do offer great convenience. Airport transfers are also available as an option extra.

When you have finished your internship, we will ensure that you receive your letter of recommendation and a certificate of completion. All interns also join our Alumni group, which can help you maintain your professional network in Dubai, and provide access to local job opportunities for those that want to stay in Dubai for the longer term.

For full details about what is included in your program fees, please click here to find out more.

What are the typical working hours in Dubai?2024-04-21T06:14:47+00:00

Dubai now follows a similar working week and hours to most of the developed world, working Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. These hours may vary from company to company but are pretty standard. Your internship adviser will be able to advise if your hours will differ from these. Weekends are always off, to give you time to enjoy all that Dubai has to offer, or simply to take a break, recharge and relax!

Is Dubai a safe and tolerant society?2024-04-21T06:33:24+00:00

Yes. Dubai is one of the most modern and forward-looking societies in the Middle East, and definitely one of the safest cities in the World. Under the guidance of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai has embraced liberal attitudes, where everyone is accepted, and treated equally.

If I am accepted, am I guaranteed an internship in Dubai?2024-04-28T14:31:19+00:00

Yes, if you have selected one of our paid-for packages and your application is accepted, then you are guaranteed an internship.

We only accept applications when we are certain that we can place you with one of our network of Dubai host companies, a decision we make after your telephone interview. If your application is accepted, you are 100% guaranteed an internship in Dubai, once you have signed your internship agreement, paid your program deposit, and completed your training.

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