Why Do I Need a Visa to Intern in Dubai?

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What is an internship visa?

An internship visa gives you the legal right to intern in Dubai. You need a visa to intern in Dubai because Dubai, like many other countries, has specific visa requirements for individuals entering the country for work or internship purposes. This is to ensure that individuals entering the country have the necessary permissions and meet certain criteria set by the government.

As part of your program package with Intern in Dubai, we manage the entire visa application process, applying on your behalf and securing your visa, so that upon arrival the right visa is added to your passport, either electronically or stamped upon arrival.

To be eligible for an internship visa in Dubai, the following criteria must be met:

  • Intern in Dubai secure your internship position with one of our network of host companies.

  • You have signed the internship agreement and all other documentation we provide to enable us to apply for the visa on your behalf.

  • All of your program fees are fully paid and up to date

How long does it take to get the visa?

Once we have submitted your application and provided all required documentation, visa processing usually takes up to a week, depending on your background, your UAE travel history, and how busy the gov’t office is at the time of application.

*Please note that some applicants may be required to pay a 3,000AED visa deposit which will be refunded upon completion of your internship and successful exit of the UAE.

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